Thursday, January 10, 2013

Skull -n - Bones

*Click tag to see  full size*

**This Tutorial was written By Me On January 10, 2013
*This tutorial is my creation only*
Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended 
Use my tutorial as a guide to make your tag your own 

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

*Supplies Needed*
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)
Font of choice : I am Brush Tip-c ~ HERE 
Template #121 By Horseplays Pasture ~ HERE 
Mask #208 by WSL ~ HERE
Dropshadow of choice

*Plugins Used*
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow For Name (Optional)

*Tube/s of Choice* 
I am using the Awesome art of Pin Up Toons
And His art can be purchased  ~ HERE
This is a PTU tube and you must have a license to use.

*Scrapkit Of Choice* 
I am using the Awesome PTU kit Skull N Bones Mini By TammyKat Designs
And can be purchased ~ HERE 
Thank you Tammy for making such wonderful kits to create with :)

Always remember to duplicate your tube and close original
C/P means copy and paste as a new layer Unless otherwise stated
D/s means Drop Shadow
Remember to sharpen after resizing
Resizing is always smartsize
Elements are added with a D/S unless otherwise stated 
And see my finished tag for placement

*Let's Get Started*
Open template duplicate close original delete credits Image canvas Size 625x625 and floodfill the background layer with white, we can resize later but I like enought room to work.
Circle 1 : Select all/float/defloat new layer and floodfill with white add noise Uniform/85/Monochrome Checked deselect and delete template layer add d/s.
Circle 2 : Select all/float/defloat open paper 8 c/p resize by 70% invert/delete/deselect and delete template layer.
Diamond circle ring : Select all/float/deflaot new layer open paper 3 c/p into selection deselect and delete template layer.
Rectangle : Select all/float/defloat new layer floodfill with white and add same noise except chage amount to 65, deselect and delete template layer add d/s.
Square 1 : Select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 2 c/p into selection now take your tube c/p resize if needed and arrange invert/delete/deselect change the blend mode to Lumiance(L) and add blinds 4/20/Both Boxes checked and color #808080  and delete template layer, Now do the same steps for the other 3 squares, just copy different parts of your tube.
Corner Lines : Select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 3 c/p into selection add same noise you used for the rectangle deselect and delete template layer add d/s.
Open tube c/p resize if needed I did mine by 95% arrange duplicate Guassian Blur 3.00 and change the blend mode to Overlay and add d/s to original tube layer.
Now time to add the elements
I used the following
Element 20 - arrange/duplicate/mirror
Element 15a - 65%
Element 10 - 75% rotate with pick tool
Element 19 - arrange duplicate/mirror/flip
Element 9 - 80% move below glitter circle layer arrange duplicate and arrange.
Element 1a - 80%
Element 21 - 50% rotate with pick tool.
Add anymore elements you wish and a dropshadow to each.
When your happy with your tag close off your white background layer and merge visable
Add new layer  select all open paper 4 c/p into selection apply mask/merge group.
Merge visable then crop your tag.
Add your copyright, I add mine after i have resized it it keeps it crisp and clear.
Add your name in font of choice.
Save as a PNG and Your Done!!

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