Thursday, June 21, 2012

Preset Noise

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**This Tutorial was written By Me On June 21, 2012
*This tutorial is my creation only*
Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended 
Use my tutorial as a guide to make your tag your own 

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

*Supplies Needed*
PSP - I am using X-3 but any version should work
Tube of Choice ~ I am using the beautiful art of  Marika and can be purchased at CDO ~ HERE
This is a PTU tube and you must have a license to use it
Font Of Choice ~ I am using Champange & Limousines ~ HERE
Preset Shape of choice
Eye Candy Gradient Glow 

The colors you choose should match your tube
I am using pinks but the color is totally up to you!

*Let's Get Started*
Open a new image 600x250 floodfill with color #f998a3 
Open tube c/p  arrange and duplicate and alternate in a zig zag like pattern duplicate and arrange until your canvas is full i duplicated 4 times for a total of 5 tubes but it all depends on that tube you choose.
close off your background layer merge visable and change the blend mode to Screen
Select your Preset tool and choose a shape you like i chose an X make your foreground black  and close off the background layer in your palette and apply shape convert to raster, if your using the one i am it will be just an outline , click inside your shape with your magic wand expand by 1
add new layer and floodfill with color #e93d6f add noise Guassian/20/Monochrome checked deselect and move below your black X and merge together.arrange and duplicate 6 times for a total of 7 and arrange so that they are in a zig zag pattern  when your happy close off your bottom 2 layers and merge visable,
Add drop shadow 3,3 75,5
Open close up tube and resize as needed and move to the right side of your tag, crop to 600x250 and duplicate tube Guassian Blur 4.00 and change the blend mode to Soft Light and add dropshadow you used before to orignal tube layer
Open your smaller tube c/p arrange and apply Xero-Radience with the following settings
NOTE You may have to change the settings depending one your tube
Apply same dropshadow
Merge Visable select all contract by 7 invert and add new layer floodfill with color #e93d6f, add noise Guassian/20/Monochrome checked deselect Apply Eye Candy gradient glow 3.00 Thin color black
Merge all flatten Image Add Borders Size 1 Symmetric Checked color black.
Add Copyright and highlight with the same gradient glow you used for the frame.
Add your name save as a Jpeg 
And Your Done!

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