Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tragic Snow Facebook Timeline ~ PTU

*Click tag to see  full size*

**This Tutorial was written By Me On May 13, 2012
*This tutorial is my creation only*
Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended 
Use my tutorial as a guide to make your tag your own 

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

*Supplies Needed*
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)
Dropshadow of choice
Font of choice : I am using Evanscent and can be found I am using the 2nd font  that comes in the zip ~ HERE
Template : FBC_Cover Template1 by Mirella and can be found ~ HERE

*Plugins Used*
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow For Name (Optional)
Tramages-Pool Shadow
VM Natural - Sparkle

*Tube/s of Choice* 
I am using the Awesome Art of Zindy S.D.Neilsen and can be purchased at her store ~ HERE
This is a PTU tube and you must have a license to use.

*Scrapkit Of Choice* 
I am using the beautiful PTU scrapkit Tragic Romance  By Pimped Designs
Thank you Cora for making such wonderful kits to create with :)
And can be purchased  ~ HERE

Always remember to duplicate your tube and close the original
C/P means copy and paste as a new layer
D/s means Drop Shadow
Remember to sharpen after resizing
Resizing is always smartsize
Elements are added with a D/S unless otherwise stated 
And see my finished tag for placement

*Let's Get Started*
Open template Shift+D close original, 
Background : Select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 12 c/p into selection/deselect  Apply VM Natural - Sparkle  Max Size - 13 and  Random Seed - 187, the rest of the settings stay the same, delete template layer.

Side to Side Rectangle : Select all/float/defloat new layer make your foreground - #77160f and background - Black, make a gradient, Linear/45/repeats 5/Invert checked, and floodfill your selection, Texture Effects Weave with the following settings
Gap Size - 1
Width - 8
Opacity - 5
Weave Color & Gap Color : Both #808080
Fill gaps - Checked
Deselect and delete template layer.

Small Right Rectangle : Select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 12 c/p into selection deselect and delete template layer.

Small Left Rectangle : Repeat the same steps as you did for the right rectangle.

Left Circle : Select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 9 c/p into selection/deselect apply Tramages-Pool Shadow default settings delete template layer.

Right Circle : Repeat the same steps as you did for the previous circle.

Main rectangle : Select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 5 c/p into selection open tube arrange resize by 95% invert/delete/deselect duplicate tube guassian blur 4.00 and change the blend mode to Overlay and add d/s to original tube layer, delete template layer.

Frame main Rec : Select all/float/defloat new layer floodfill with #77160f add noise Uniform/30/Monochrome checked, deselect add thin black gradient glow and delete template layer.

Now Time To Add The Elements
I Used  the following
Music Sheet : 53% move to the right and behind your rectangle and tube layers.
Flower 2 : 20%
Leaves 1 : 25% free rotate/left/20/all layers checked and tuck behind your rose.
Feather : 55% move behind your rectangle and tube layers arrange duplicate resize by 85% and arrange.
Key : 35% and position 
Butterfly : 25% free rotate/right/35/all layers unchecked, add d/s with color white, c/p again resize by 20% and free rotate the same as before except this time left abd add the same d/s.
Add anymore elements you wish and add dropshadow of choice to all your elements and template layers
When your happy with your tag merge visable select all contract by 5 invert add new layer and floodfill with #77160f and add the same noise you did for your frame layer, deselect and add a thin ablck gradient glow 
Add new layer select all Open paper 7 c/p into selection deselect apply mask/merge group resize by 95% add noise Uniform/30/Monochrome Checked.
Add your copyright, Remember to place your copyright on the RIGHT side of your timeline so it will not get cut off by the Avatar.
Add your name in font of choice.
Save as a PNG and Your Done!

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