Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh So Perfect ~ PTU

*Click tag to see original size*

**This Tutorial was written By Me On March 3, 2012
Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended this tutorial is my creation only**

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

*Supplies Needed*
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)
Font of choice
Mask Of Choice : I am using VixBigMask001  ~ HERE
Dropshadow of choice
Template Of Choice : Template #103 By Kristin ~ HERE

*Plugins Used*
Xenofex2 - Constellation
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)

*Tube/s of Choice* 
I am using the awesome art of Keith Garvey and can be purchased at PTE ~ HERE
This is a PTU tube please do not use without the proper license to do so .

*Scrapkit Of Choice* 
I am using the beautiful PTU kit Perfect by Pimped Designs
This awesome kit is always $1.00
And can be purchased  ~ HERE

Always remember to duplicate your tube and close the original
C/P means copy and paste as a new layer
D/s means Drop Shadow
Remember to sharpen after resizing
Resizing is always smartsize

*Let's Get Started*
Open template Shift+D close original, delete credits and bats layers, Resize size 700x470 then canvas size 800x650 then floodfill your background layer with white, we can crop later i just like enough room to work.
Rectangle : select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 11 c/p into selection deselect add a fat white gradient glow width 3.00 and the 3rd tab make black,delete template layer.

Oval 1 : select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 11 c/p into selection deselect/delete template layer.

Oval 2 : select all/float/defloat now move back to the black oval layer and tap delete, you should now have a frame now back to Oval 2 layer, open paper 8 c/p invert/delete/invert again now open your main tube c/p arrange invert again and take your eraser tool and erase just the bottom that is hanging over the martching ants, deselect/delete template layer.

Ok now highlight the frame we made move above your oval paper layer add noise Random/75/monochrome checked.

Highlight your tube duplicate guassian blur 5.00 change the blend mode to soft light, add dropshadow to original tube layer.

Frame back " select all/float/defloat new layer open paper 4 c/p into selection, open close up tube copy and click anywhere in PSP and paste as a new image then mirror, c/p  invert/delete/deselect,apply Xero-Radience default settings, duplicate guassian blur 5.00 chenge the blend mode to screen add d/s to original tube layer, delete template layer.

Frame 1 : repeat the same steps as you did for the frame we made.

Now Time To Add The Elements
I Used :
Flower 1 : resize by 85%  twice move behind the small frame layers.
Greens 2 : 85% 5 times tuck behind flower duplicate.flip, duplicate/flip/mirror and tuck behind the flowers.
Flower 6 : 85% 3 times, tuck behind other flower, duplicate flip position.
Butterflies : 75% and position over the flowers.
String 1 : Mirror
Button 2: 55%
Add anymore elements you wish and add dropshadow of choice to all your elements and template layers
When your happy with your tag close off your white background layer and merge visable resize if needed.
add new layer select all open paper 4 c/p into selection/deselect apply mask/merge group resize by 95%, Duplicate/merge down, apply Xenofex2 - Constellation, i used Small Stars Setting but play around until you find what you like.
Add your copyright, I add mine after i have resized it it keeps it crisp and clear.
Add your name in font of choice.
Save as a PNG and Your Done!

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