Thursday, February 2, 2012

Princess Cuddles ~ PTU

*Click tag to see original size*

**This Tutorial was written By Me On Feburary 1, 2012 Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended this tutorial is my creation only**

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)

Tube/s of Choice I am using the adorable artwork of Sweet Pinup and can be purchased at MTA HERE
This is a PTU Artist, Please dont use without a proper license

Scrapkit Of Choice : I am using the PTU Kit , Cuddles By Pimped Designs
And can be purchased at HERE

Mask of choice : I am using one of Vix_Mask363 and can be found HERE

Plugins Used
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)
Font of choice
Dropshadow of choice

Always remember to duplicate your tube and close the original
C/P means copy and paste as a new layer
Remember to sharpen after resizing
Resizing is always smartsize

Let's Get Started
Open a new raster layer 700x700 floodfill with white, we can resize later i like enough room to work
Open frame 5, c/p resize by 80%, then free rotate left 90 then again left 20, click inside your frame with your magic wand expand by 10, open paper 1 c/p resize by 80% invert/delete/invert again
open your tube c/p position invert again and erase all parts of the bottom of her gown deselect, apply Xero-Porcelain and drop shadow
Time to add the Elements 
I Used :
flower 3 : 50%, diplicate 2 times/mirror, play with the settings to make a cluster when you have it where you likr merge all the flower layers together and duplicate again, mirror/flip resize by 80% and free rotate 15 right
and resize the first flower cluster again by 85%
Flower1, : 35%, duplicate 2 times and arrange and cluster them on 2 corners of the frame
Ribbon 1 : 45%, flip/mirror
key : 35%, rotate right 15
teddy bear : 50%
Add anymore elements you wish and add dropshadow of choice to all your elements
Open paper 8, c/p apply mask/merge group
Open tube c/p resize by 85%, duplicate and on duplicated layer guassian blur 5.00 and change the blend mode to screen and add dropshadow to original tube layer
When your happy with your tag close off your white background layer and merge visable
Resize your tag if needed Add your copyright, I add mine after i have resized it it keeps it crisp and clear.
Add your name  save as a PNG and Your Done!

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