Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winter Blues ~PTU

*Click tag to see original size*

**This Tutorial was written By Me On September 20, 2011 Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended this tutorial is my creation only**

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)

Tubes choice: I am using the beautiful work of Anna Marine These tubes were purchased at CILM
when they were opened, But her stunning work can now be found at CDO HERE
This is a PTU tube , Please do not use  without the proper license to do so.

Scrapkit Of Choice : I am using the beautiful kit, Silent Night, by Grunge & Glitter

Plugins Used
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)
Font of choice, I am using InspriationROB

Let's Get Started

Open a new image 700x550. transparent, we can crop/resize later
Open frame 1, c/p as a new layer, resize by 80 then again by 80, smartsize, sharpen
Click inside each frame with your magic wand, make sure you get all the openings around the bow, expand by 7
Open paper 15, c/p as a new layer, resize by 80 smartsize, then invert/delete/select none, and move behind your frame
Choose your tubes, open them in PSP, Click inside the center frame and again make sure you also click inside the bows, expand by 7
c/p your tube,resize if needed, arrange then invert/delete/select none.
Do the same with the outer frames,
When your happy woth your tubes , apply Xero-Porcelian, default settings, and add dropshadow to your tubes.
Now merge your tube layers together, now activate your crop tool, and select the entire tag and click the middle, this will get rid of any excess tubes that didnt make the frame.
Now were going to dress up our tag, choose any elements you want
I chose these 

leaves,80 c/p resize, smartsize,sharpen, move behind your frame on the left side and take your eraser tube and erase the stem, duplicate/mirror, add dropshadow.
Clock,c/p, resize 50,sharpen, move to the bottom left of your frame, add dropshadow
Star 1, c/p resize 35 smartsize, sharpen, move so it overlaps the clock, add dropshadow
Tree 2, c/p resize 90, smartsize, and move to the left behind your leaves, now again take your eraser tool and erase any part of the tree that is below the frame, duplicate/mirror
When your happy with your tag, merge visable, crop as desired,
Add your copyright and your name and Your Done!!

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