Friday, August 20, 2010

My Secret Garden-PTU

**This Tutorial was created By Me On August 9. 2010 Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended this tutorial is my creation only**

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)

Tube Of choice: I am using the Stunning Artwork of Caron Vinson HERE
This is a PTU tube , Please do not use  without the proper license to do so.

Scrapkit Of Choice : I am using the beautiful PTU kit,"my Secret Garden" By Tootypup
It is avaiable at any of the stores she sell's at
**NOTE**-You do not need to use the same scrapkit, it will work just as well with any floral themed kit

Vix Mask-230 HERE
Font of choice : I am using Sweetheart Script


Alien Skin - Xenofex 2/Constellation
Dropshadow of choice
I used 
V&H-0, Opacity-40, Blur-4.00, Color-Black

**Let's Get Started**

Open frame 4 in PSP
Duplicate/Close original
Resize by 50%,sharpen
Select Magic Wand
Click inside the frame
Selections/modify/expand by 3
Open paper in PSP
Copy & Paste as a new layer
Resize by 50%,sharpen
Invert/delete/select none
Move this layer below your frame layer

Open tube in PSP
Copy & Paste as a new layer
Select your paper background again
Selections-Select All-float/defloat
Resize tube by 90%,sharpen
Position where you like it
Invert/delete/select none
Now move back to your tube layer
Take your eraser tool and erase everything that is covering the bottom of the frame
When your done Select None
(Don't worry if its not perfect you wont notice it after we're all done)

Ok now duplicate the tube

On duplicated layer Blur Gaussian-3.00 OK
Change blend mode to Soft Light
Now move to original tube layer
Red Channel-0
Green Channel-0
Blue Chanel-255
Click OK
Add D/S, V &H-0, Opacity-40 , blur-4.00,Color-Black
Merge visable

Now its time to make it pretty
Open fern flower1
Copy & Paste as a new layer
Resize by 50% 2 times,sharpen
Place on the left side of the bottom of the frame
Use my finished tag as a guide
Duplicate, Image/Mirror
Duplicate again and move slightly to the left Image/Mirror
Arrange where you like them
Again use my finished tag as a guide
Add the above drop shadow to each flower layer

Open flower heart 6

Copy & Paste as a new layer
Resize by 50% 2 times,sharpen
Move so the heart is on the left hand top of the frame
Add dropshadow

Open butterfly scrap 2

Copy & Paste as a new layer
Resize by 50% 2 times then by 80%,sharpen
Using your Raster Deform tool, rotate the angle where you like
And place on top of the flowers to the right
Use my tag as a guide
Add drop shadow

Merge all layers 
Open Vix Mask 230 in PSP
Open paper 3 in PSP

Copy & Paste as a new layer
Resize by  80%,sharpen
Apply mask,  Layers Merge,Merge Group
Move mask slightly to the left

Now go to Effects
Alien Skin Xenofex 2-Constellation

Settings - Small Star
Star Size : 2.00
Variation : 6
Edge Star Density : 8
Overall Density : 1
Overdrive : 100
Twinkle Amount : 55
Rotation : 45
Random Seed : 1
Keep Original Image : Checked
(These settings are just a guide, Play around with them until you find what looks best to you)
Now duplicate mask layer
Merge Down
And add Constellation Filter again
**This is optional But if you like extra sparkle, Go for it LOL

When your happy with your tag
Merge visable, Add proper copyright and your name
I added a gradient glow to my name
Save as PNG
And your done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial

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