Thursday, August 26, 2010

Golden Christmas-PTU

**This Tutorial was created By Me On August 26. 2010 Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended this tutorial is my creation only**

This Tutorial is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSP ( I Use 3X but should work with other versions)

Tube Of choice: I am using the Stunning Artwork of Pin Up Toons HERE
This tube was bought when CILM was open Pin Up Toons has since moved to CDO
This is a PTU tube , Please do not use  without the proper license to do so.

Scrapkit Of Choice : I am using the beautiful PTU kit,"A Golden Christmas" By Tootypup
It is avaiable at any of the stores she sell's at
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)
Mask of choice - I am using Vix Mask 306 HERE

*** Let's Begin***

Open frame 1 in PSP , Copy and delete original, Image Canvas size 800x800 center
We can crop later , right now we want a lot of room to work
Choose a color from the beautiful color pallet in your kit
for this one I chose the 1st color on the bottom row
take your magic wand and click inside one of your frames
expand by 5, new raster layer, flood fill with the color you have chosen, select none
Move this layer below your frame layer. Now add a texture of choice,
 I used a linen one, But play with the settings until you get what you like
Repeat same steps with your other frame

Now open your tube in PSP, copy & paste as a new layer
and convert your tube to sepia tone, 
Effects, Photo Effects, Sepia Toning, Set at 60
This will give your tube a nice antique look
Duplicate your tube , arrange in other frame
Now merge both your frame backgrounds together, select all float/defloat
expand by 3, Invert/delete, select none
Now on one of your tube layers, duplicate gaussian blur 3.00
change blend mode to Hard Light,on original tube layer change blend mode to
Luminace(L), add drop shadow
Repeat same steps for tube in the other frame

Now on to the fun part. Add any elements from the kit you want
I used Cute Bear2,Holly2,Christmas Express2
add new raster layer , flood fill with white,send to bottom
Add new layer, flood fill with gold pattern of choice
Apply Vix Mask 306, merge group
Add noise to mask layer, this makes it nice and glittery
duplicate mask layer ,image mirror arrange to your liking
Add drop shadow of choice to each layer, when your happy with your tag
close off white background layer, merge visable
resize to 600x600
Add proper copyright and name
thank you for trying my tutorial

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